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Shared workshop & machine rental

When you start sewing, it is not always possible to have enough space at home or all the necessary materials and equipment to be able to practice comfortably.

This is why the Fabrique des Heart'istes offers you the opportunity to come and carry out your sewing projects in its workshop; You will thus have access to a dedicated space and all the required equipment, at a very affordable hourly rate.

Freshly renovated and fitted out, the workshop also has a small ECO-HARDWARE, to allow you to have scraps of fabric, buttons, zippers, elastics etc. on hand when needed and at a very reasonable price. .​

A small LIBRARY-CAFÉ area is also present to allow you to stock up on inspiration through magazines and books dedicated to sewing, or to simply take a relaxing break while enjoying a hot drink at an equally affordable price.

The hourly rate does not include any purchases of eco-haberdasheries or hot drinks.

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