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Good morning,

Brussels non-profit organization, active since 2018, La Fabrique des HEART'istes is the fruit of my passion for sewing and my commitment to a responsible lifestyle that respects Human Beings and the Planet.

My intentions, through this heart project:

“Making sewing a common eco-citizen practice & textile creation an eco-responsible production model, serving our well-being and the planet”

Fatima, founder
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The primary mission of the non-profit organization: to participate in spreading & revaluing the practice of sewing to make it a common family activity, a source of creativity & eco-citizenship.

Sewing, this age-old know-how, which seems to have fallen into oblivion for several decades, is nevertheless a fantastic way to act as an eco-responsible citizen and provide an alternative to the abusive practices of the textile industry, one of the most polluting in this world. day.

Knowing how to sew means being able to repair damaged clothing, mend a hole, alter pants or a dress, create your wardrobe from scraps or second-hand fabrics found at a flea market.

It also means being able to repurpose clothes or pieces of fabric that you no longer use, as you wish, transforming curtains or tablecloths into bags, scraps of fabric into hair accessories to suit your taste, etc. with the direct effects of greater appreciation and sustainability of creations sewn by oneself and for oneself, and less textile waste, for the greater good of our wallets, our closets and our planet.

In a world where clothes from fast fashion and ultra-fast fashion are consumed as simple disposable accessories, knowing how to sew becomes a civic act of commitment and bravery towards oneself and the planet.

  Sewing is also a wonderful activity, a source of creativity and well-being for oneself

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I was able to experience it personally during my burnout period. Its regular practice is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and your body, explore your manual creativity, discover unsuspected creative talents, learn to know and respect your own inner rhythm, express your personality, and learn to accept your singularity by creating creations adapted to your self, your body shape, and your own needs.

It is rich in this experience and in alignment with my values, that I founded La Fabrique des HEART'istes as a space for sharing and transmitting sewing, aimed at the general public, through training and workshops, for that everyone can learn to make, with their own hands, practical and useful creations on a daily basis, and sources of creative expression and self-esteem, while participating in eco-citizen action.

The second mission of the non-profit organization is to raise awareness among the general public about more conscious, more ethical and sustainable fashion consumption. It is with this in mind that the non-profit organization has created its own brand of eco-responsible textile creations.

Each creation is entirely designed and manufactured with scraps and recycled fabrics from samples from wholesalers & resellers' catalogs, or pieces of fabric from the circular economy circuit.

Each creation is imagined according to the size, materials, colors and patterns of the available fabric scraps - and is as such a unique piece, handmade, by me, in the ASBL workshop, at Brussels. What is important for me is to put my passion, my love and my sensitivity into it, while respecting my pace of work and my needs, in order to offer creations that are both eco-responsible, original and at affordable prices. to all.

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